So here’s our story… we have run a gift business for
several years and traded at large music festivals and
Christmas events such as the York St Nicholas Fair and
Living North.

We wanted to move into a more permanent home and
as this is the area we have lived in for 20 years, we knew
it had to be on Burton Stone Lane. This is our community
and we cannot wait to work in the heart of it.

Like so many families, we have become increasingly
aware of the damage that plastic is doing to our
planet and have taken many steps to reduce our
overall plastic use. Sometimes people know they want
to use less plastic but just don’t know where to begin.

We wanted to help with that.

We sold zero waste items alongside our gifts at
festivals and it felt like a natural progression to bring
those two elements into our shop here.

Effectively, this is TWO shops in ONE building… a gift
shop with a zero waste lifestyle shop beside it.

When someone pops into the gift shop for a card or
gift this often gives us the opportunity to talk about
the zero waste shop; to introduce them to the concept
and items they may never have considered and we
think this can only be a positive thing!

We really hope you enjoy your time in our little shop. We
hope we can make you smile and if we can help you in
any way, please just holler!

Mel, Gadg and Harry
The Giftery · The Shop of Small Changes